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Spring Snowshoe & Stargaze in Jackson, NH


Experience a guided night time snowshoeing and stargazing as the Upper Saco Valley Land Trust’s Easement Exploration Series’ March installment continues this March 19 to the Harding Easement in Jackson, NH. As soon as the sun sets, Matt Amar of the NH Astronomical Society will lead the constellation identification both using his telescope and with the naked eye.

The event will start at 6:30 in the evening and be prepared for a two hour walk in the Woodchuck Fields. You can look forward to seeing the Orion Nebula, Jupiter with the four Galilean moons, double stars such as Mizar & Alcor, open star clusters such as the Pleides and Hyades through the telescope. Come in your sturdy boots and bring headlamps / flashlights.

For directions and more details, call USVLT at 603-356-9683 or send an email at