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Repurpose Your Ladders in 4 Creative Ways

March 14, 2016 - Repurpose Your Ladders in 4 Creative Ways (photo)

Reaching the top cabinet to get it cleaned? Changing curtains? Having a ladder at home will definitely make doing these tasks easier. Ladders can also serve different purposes in your home! With a little creativity you will find new ways to use them as décor pieces or make it part of the overall look of your home. Here are 4 ways to repurpose your ladders:

Use it as a shoe rack

Do you ever feel that you can never have enough storage space for your shoes? Pick out your favorite pairs that you want to put on the ladder. For a quick touch up, make sure that you sand the rough edges if the ladder that you’ll be using is made of wood. If what you have is made of metal, a damp cloth will be enough to get it cleaned. Arrange your shoes carefully and you can even hang a few scarves as additional decoration.

Make it your towel holder in the bathroom

Get an instant tropical feel in your bathroom by using a wooden ladder as a towel holder. Put it by the counter and hang your fresh towels.

Alternative to a side table in the bedroom

A ladder can give you a lot of extra space to put your books, gadgets and other essentials. Make sure that you place the heavy objects on the bottom step to avoid it from falling.

A living room shelf

Do you have two or three extra ladders at home? Why not ask a carpenter to repurpose it as an extra shelf for your favorite books and souvenirs? Have it painted with a shade that will complement your living room color scheme.