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Cleaning and Decorating Tips for the Bathroom

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We all want our homes to be spic-and span but it can be very challenging. Like most homeowners, bathrooms are really taxing to maintain. This may be the smallest area in our home but most of the time this is the last room we would like to clean. To help you begin, here are five cleaning and decorating tips that you can apply to your bathroom. We also have some tips to make your powder room pretty if you have one at home.

Place a non-skid bathmat.

Avoid muddy floor by making sure that you put a non-skid bathmat near your shower area. Your family members can easily dry their feet after bath before walking around the house. You can also use a towel if you don’t have a bathmat available but just remember to change it every day.

Pick a beautiful sink.

A floral sink with some delicate toilet fixtures can instantly beautify a plain powder room.

Make the most of you bathroom space.

Side tables or shelves can help you maximize the space available in this small room. Store your bath supplies or towels to keep them neat and organized. Go for slim open shelves so that they will not occupy too much floor space.

Put in some luxury.

Scented candles or diffusers in pretty containers can immediately give your bathroom an aromatic vibe. Try those with bold and deep fragrances to help dispel funky odors in the room.

Make your own pamper tray.

Your guests will feel more welcome once they see this pamper tray in your powder room. In a small tray, put bath sets, soaps or free samples of lotions and perfumes that they can use while they are in your home.